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Three Generations




Family law issues are often complex and emotional. These issues may involve not just the interests of the parties, but of their children, extended family members, financial assets and family businesses. 

At Brar Law Firm, you and your family matters to us. Our priority is you and our role is to provide sound strategic counsel in the most difficult times. Family legal issues are often clouded by strong emotions and egos, that is often detrimental to the whole family. It's not about who wins or loses. It's about the bigger picture, to reach a fair resolution with keeping your future well-being in mind. 

Divorce and Separation Agreements

Thinking about ending your marriage or a common law relationship? We are happy to help.

Learn more about how we can help you to figure it out.

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Child Support

A child is God's most precious gift to parents, and we value the children of our society.

Do not worry about your child's future after separation, we are here to help you with that.

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